That Bushwick Money
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That Bushwick Money

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At just 15 years old, best friends, L and Kev are growing up in the infamous Bushwick Section of Brooklyn. While searching for their calling in life, they are attracted to the drug dealers getting That Bushwick Money, flaunting their fly cars, expensive clothes, and beautiful women. L and Kev yearn for a taste of the good life like the hustlers they admire, but with broke, overbearing parents, their ambitions are just dreams… until one of the neighborhood kingpins pull them in under his wing.

Tremaine ran his section of Bushwick and was always looking for new recruits. He puts L and Kev down with his Crew to get That Bushwick Money and they worship Tremaine like a God for putting them in the Game. When Tremaine gets murdered by a rival crew, L and Kev are devastated. They take to the streets of Bushwick to avenge Tremaine’s death, inflicting pain on anyone suspected of playing a part in their mentor’s death. Their reign of terror quickly elevates their status in the streets, and when the violence stops, the money flows.

L and Kev combine forces with another murderous crew to get That Bushwick Money with them. In the beginning, it’s all love, but over time the young G’s learn that there is no loyalty in the streets of Bushwick.
Witness the rise of a Bushwick don in this gripping, page-turning thriller about life in the gritty New York City streets.

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