F*ck That Job
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F*ck That Job

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Do you dream of being your own boss having the financial freedom to do the things you love instead of what you have to do, and finally telling that 9 to 5 to kiss your ass? Honey, let me tell you, I was there! But before I could do that I had to get my s*** together. Now, in this new groundbreaking book, not only will I show you how to fuck that job, but I will show you how to fuck all those jobs that are working you. Incorporating my real life experiences, and the lessons they taught me, I have composed a manual that will shift your mind from being a worker to a boss, and give you the tools to take your life back and to the next level. Within these pages I will give you Unapologetic realness on work-life balance. Life… are we playing this game to play, or are we playing to win? How bad do you want it?

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