Never 2 Late
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Never 2 Late

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This amazing urban novel is actually a true story of adversity, betrayal, death, and happiness written by the author while incarcerated. This fast-paced read reflects solely on his past in hopes to inspire anyone facing similar realities, a tale so vivid readers will be left thirsting for more!

Not everyone receives chance after chance... In the gritty streets of Fayetteville N.C., also called "Fayettenam" it's a war zone. Among these circumstances, Tim Tim aka "T-Money" became infatuated with all he'd seen growing up in Grove View Terrace housing projects. At a very young age he was all about "money" as the crack epidemic destroyed lives, including his own dad's. He hung around all the older boys on the corner, and mentally, he was one of them. T-Money endured the pitfalls of the game early, and unlike a typical teenager was taken away from his family, locked up in detention centers, group homes, and training school's.

After the federal government took down the O.G.'s that was once idolized, it was "game time" for T-Money and his comrades. He played it on all levels. Rapping was his passion and he eventually became well known, but not from just his music. He had dreams, however, trouble was inevitable. In and out of jail and constant bad luck discouraged him. His crew created a name for themselves on the Eastside of town. He rode for the hood, getting shot up and nearly died. The ghetto super star was sent to prison multiple times and forced to fend for himself amongst the "Big Dogs" in the cage.

T-Money survived his incarceration only to suffer the most "painful" experience ever - his five year old son losing his battle to bone cancer. Read the remarkable gut-wrenching take of a man who lived multiple lives and lived to tell that it's Never 2 Late!!

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