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These days, women are more real than men... a Gangstress is born.

After killing her mother, Brook finds herself being tossed around to different foster homes, finally landing in Cincinnati, Ohio. The “'Nati” (as natives call it) introduced her to Porsha, Sasha, and a whirlwind of events that would change her life forever. As Brook delves into the street life in the 'Nati, much more than her mother’s blood will spill on her hands.

Born a hood rich princess, Porsha reeked every benefit of having family members that bred money, power, and respect. Her family operated the largest cocaine and heroin mill in the Midwest. Soon, Porsha is forced to rely on her own instincts to survive the lifestyle that was bestowed upon her and claim her own crown.

Sasha's upbringing was different from her friends. She was raised smothered her in the Bible, but she craved the glamorous street life. She steps from the shadows and finds herself tangled in a dangerous web that challenges her morals, values, and friendship!

This page turning, action-packed story will hijack your attention until you realize the cameras aren't the only things flashing. 

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