Skin Deep 2: A Gangsterotica Tale
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Skin Deep 2: A Gangsterotica Tale

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A Disgraced Model. A Gangster on the run. What could possibly go Wrong?

In Skin Deep, twin brothers Menelik and Haile terrorized the streets of New Jersey with a vicious extortion campaign. Supermodel Makeda Barnes was with them every step of the way, riding shotgun with her man, Menelik.In this thrilling sequel, Menelik and Makeda find themselves imprisoned after Menelik guns down a rival in broad daylight. While the couple battle for their freedom, Haile - still on the run for murdering a cop - expands his brand of violence to Atlanta. He teams up with a band of ruthless African immigrants and form a savage extortion gang. Aligned with a native narcotics distribution organization, they wreak havoc on the streetpreneurs of the Atl. All is well until Haile runs into a blast from his past that brings a deep-rooted seed of betrayal.

After gaining her freedom, Makeda relocates to Atlanta to resume her modeling career. She reconnects with a friend from prison, a gorgeous exotic dancer with connections throughout the city. The two women hustle their way into the camp of the men that run the city. There, Makeda finds a familiar face that helps her regain her footing in the industry. Before long, she is poised to regain her crown as the queen of the modeling world, but there is a dark force of hovering over her, watching her every move, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take her out for good!

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