Skin Deep 3: A Gangsterotica Tale
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Skin Deep 3: A Gangsterotica Tale

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The finale to the groundbreaking series that birthed a new genre comes full circle.

After her famous fiance is violently murdered, Makeda attempts to return to her modeling roots, but she finds herself in a familiar space - dating a gangster. However, she has never played the game at this level, and she soon discovers she is in well over her head as she unknowingly becomes a key part of the Southern Kings Gang. As the money pile up, and the violence around her escalates, Makeda searches for an escape. Unfortunately, it may be too late as the Feds are closing in and her past is ready to pay her a visit.

Menelik paid the ultimate sacrifice for the love of his life, voluntarily accepting a prison sentence when he could have just walked away and left her hanging. Instead of being rewarded for his loyalty, he was repaid with a vicious betrayal. After the pain of heartbreak subsided, he bossed up while inside and reinvented himself. Now with a new business, and a new wife, he is set to be released from prison. His intentions are to stay legit, but his twin brother - who is one of the most wanted men in the South - needs one more favor that only he can fulfill. 

In this explosive finale to the international erotic thriller, bonds will be broken, and loyalties will be tested as the burning question is finally answered: How far would you go to prove your love???

  AVAILABLE 2020!!!


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