The Journey of Unbecoming
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The Journey of Unbecoming

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Who are you?
It’s a very simple question, however most people cannot truthfully answer.
Because most of us become who we are by default. We mimic the mindset, behaviors, and beliefs of those closest to us and we become what society says we should.We spend our whole lives trying to live up to certain standards and become what society, our parents, peers, and social media tells us we should become.But who are we really?Doctor, lawyer, teacher, preacher, influencer, rapper, singer, wife, husband, divorcee, dope boy, stripper, scammer, entrepreneur…these are titles that we learn to become. In some cases we become these things because others want us to, because we’re trying to fit in, or because we feel we have no other choice.But if you were to remove all the titles what would be left, who would you be?I’ve been labeled as a teen mom, stripper, college graduate, wife, divorcee, entrepreneur, etc. What I’ve discovered is that while some titles may describe a certain aspect of my life; none of those titles actually define who I am at the core as a person. Ironically, I had to UN-BECOME all of the labels and titles I’d allowed society to place on me — whether they were perceived to be good or bad— so I could find the woman I was truly meant to be. In this book I openly and unabashedly share my journey of UN-BECOMING in the hopes that you will be inspired to go somewhere you were never taught to go… INSIDE OF YOURSELF. So you can find YOU, The Real YOU!

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