Young And Reckless
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Young And Reckless

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She’s a fly chick with a slick tongue and a coke bottle frame. Chyna has no problem using her body to get ahead in life. However, just when she thinks she has her heart in check and her head in the game, he appears.

Dontino “Tino" Jones is the type of man that makes your panties cream just by the sight of him. He has that good loving that makes you ride past his house at 2 a.m. just to make sure he's not giving it away. He's dangerous to Chyna's cold heart and the chemistry between the two is enough to have her running for the hills, but you can only run so far from fate...

The wrong side of love seems to always find Rah'Quell. Determined to be a strong, respectable, independent woman, she's attempting everything in her power to stay focused and get herself out the hood, but when he comes around with that sexy smile and charming swag, its next to impossible to resist him. Tyreek “Black Ty" Jones is everything Rah'Quell ever wanted in a man… and everything she needed to stay clear from. How could she fall for a pimp? Will she lose everything she worked so hard to build in the process of loving him... including her dignity?

Trina had to be cold because life taught her that love was a weakness. Men are just pawns in Trina’s plot to get ahead. Just when she thinks she has the game all figured out, skeletons from her past tumble out of her closet, exposing her for the hoodrat she is. What happens when Trina plays with the wrong heart?

Young and Reckless takes you to the streets of Detroit and sends you on a journey of sex, love, lies, and deceit. It’s fun, sassy, and the perfect concoction to have you flipping the pages until the very last sentence.

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