B O O K S H E L F 

Ladies, there is a whore living inside all of us. 

For most of us, we are either unaware of our inner whore, or too ashamed to acknowledge her presence. Yet, she is still there… lurking beneath the surface… guiding our intentions and actions. She is the reason why a lot of women find themselves in the situations they are in. What if we could discover her and control her? What if we could take back the power in our lives? What if we could become Post-Whore-Dum?

In this collection of short stories, you are introduced to seven different women who embark on their own journey toward Post-Whore-dum. As each story unfolds, each woman comes to terms with issues in her life by acknowledging her inner whore - that powerful force that drives all women when their back is against the wall - and taking control of her. While some may reject the term whore as something negative, this book will reexamine that view and place it in its proper context.

After speaking with numerous women from diverse backgrounds, Honesti - who is a doctor - noticed the common thread among women was the impact sex had on their lives. From those sessions, she developed seven archetypes of women. Then, she recounted their journey from tragedy to triumph in an entertaining yet revealing manner that should resonate with other women. Once the reader identifies the character that resonates with her, she is to symbolize victory over her inner whore forever by sealing that chapter with a kiss of the signature lipstick (included with this book.)

This book – part memoir, part workbook – is designed as a tool to empower women by helping them acknowledge and control the inner whore that lives in almost every woman. So ladies, put those heels on and walk with me as we become Post-Whore-Dum!

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